PT. Dito Selaras Abadi is an Engineering and Trading company specializing in the equipment processing of : Food, Beverages, Dairy, Coffee, Juice, Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants.

PT. Dito Selaras Abadi was informed in Indonesia in 2003 as a corporation by individual who are in the same line of business for more than twenty years. Although newly formed, the company gained a strong reputation in Food, Beverages, Dairy and Coffee Industry.

PT. Dito Selaras Abadi offer an unparalleled range of expertise across components, single, complete line and equipment plant. The company is supported by locally based management, administration, plant and offsite resources to ensure timely completion of the most demanding project. This benefits of utilizing local resources with local knowledge is obvious not only in terms of labor and material sourcing but also in terms of security of industrial relations and ultimately the ability to deliver a project on time.

The experiences and knowledge that PT. Dito Selaras Abadi brings to a project is not confined to engineering aspects alone but covers all the essential elements in which an efficient engineering and trading company must demonstrate as an effective multi disciplined contractor. Such elements includes:

  • Project management capability
  • Commitment to quality
  • Safety consciousness
  • Man power resources
  • Equipment and tools resources
  • Site management and supervisory capability

The major strength of PT. Dito Selaras Abadi is derived from approach to teamwork and the unrivalled ability to design, mobilize and deliver the managerial and technical skills required to create and supply:

  • Food processing equipment
  • Beverages processing equipment
  • Dairy processing equipment
  • Coffee processing equipment
  • Juice processing equipment
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetically processing equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical installation

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Our company

Vision and Mission


To support local customer to source supplier or contractor in processing equipment easily, beside in getting reasonable prices and services.


To make manufacture especially in equipment processing Foods, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Chemical could growth as other modern industries country with level automation standard with supported by local supplier/contractor instead of overseas company.